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The table below demonstrates the employees’ rights in terms of severance pay, notice pay and unemployment insurance as a result of the reason for termination of employment.

01 -Termination of employment contract with probation period by the employer      
02 – Termination of employment contract with probation period by the employee      
03 – Termination of indefinite-term employment contract by the employee (resignation)      
04 – Termination of indefinite-term employment contract by the employer without presenting a valid reason + + +
05 – Termination of fixed-term contract (Severance pay is not applicable if it is automatically terminated at the end of contract period, without the decision of employer) +   +
08 – Due to retirement (due to age) or total payment +    
09 – Retirement due to disability +    
10 Death +    
11 – Industrial death +    
12 – Military service +   +
13 – Marriage of female employee +    
14 – Completion of retirement conditions other than age +    
15 – Collective redundancy + + +
16 – Transfer of contracted employee to another workplace of the employer without terminating the contract      
17 – Closure of business + + +
18 – Completion of business + + +
19 – End of season (It is applicable when employment contract is suspended. Code number ‘4’ is used if not to be resumed)      
20 – End of campaign (It is applicable when employment contract is suspended. Code number ‘4’ is used if not to be resumed)      
21 – Change of status      
22 – Other causes (In the existence of a mutual termination agreement, if agreed, severance and notice pay may be paid)      
23 – Termination by employee due to force majeure +   +
24 – Termination by employee due to health issues +   +
25 – Termination by the employee due to unethical and malicious behaviour of the employer +   +
26 – Termination upon the decision of disciplinary board (severance and notice pay is paid if contract is not terminated for a reason within the scope of Law no 4857/25-II)      
27-Termination by employer due to force majeure and imprisonment +   +
28 – Termination by employer due to health issues +   +
30 – End of visa period (It is applicable when employment contract is suspended. Code number ‘4’ is used if not to be resumed)      
31 – Termination within the scope of Law of Obligations, Law on Trade Unions, Law on Strike and Lock-Out, without the demand or defect of the subject + + +
32 – Termination due to privatization in line with the Article 21 of the Law No. 4046 + + +
33 – Termination of the contract by the journalist +   +
34 – Termination due to transfer of the workplace, change of work or the workplace + + +
35 – Transferring to the civil service by the Law no 6495 +    
36 – Closure of Business by the Decree Law (KHK)      
37 – Termination from public service by Decree Law (KHK)      
38 – Termination due to maternity      
39 – Transferring to the public work by the Decree Law no. 696 (KHK)      
40 – Termination due to not transferring the public work by the Decree Law no. 696 (KHK)      
41 – Those who have been issued ex officio termination notice (It is the code to be selected by the SGK for those whose termination of employment is arranged ex officio due to different reasons. )      
42 to 50 Termination by the employer due to the unethical and malicious behavior of the employee as described under article 25 – II of Law no 4857      
42 – The employee misleads the employer by claiming that he / she has the qualifications or conditions necessary for one of the essential points of employment contract at the time of the conclusion of the  contract, or by providing false information. (Article 25 – II-a of Law no 4857)      
43 – The employee utters words or acts that harm honor and dignity of the employer or their family members or makes unfounded accusations about the employer that harm honor and dignity of the employer. (Article 25 – II-b of Law no 4857)      
44 – The employee sexually harasses another employee of the employer; (Article 25 – II-c of Law no 4857)      
45 – The employee assaults the employer, a member of the employer’s family or another employee, or the employee comes to work drunk or under the influence of drugs, or consumes alcohol or drugs at the workplace. (Article 25 – II-d of Law no 4857)      
46 – The employee acts dishonestly toward the employer, such as by commuting abuse of trust, theft or disclosing the employer’s trade secrets. (Article 25 – II-e of Law no 4857)      
47 – The employee commits a crime at the workplace that is punishable with imprisonment of seven days or more without suspension.  (Article 25 – II-f of Law no 4857)      
48 – The employee is absent from work for two consecutive business days, or twice in one month on the business day following a holiday or three business days in a month without permission or a just reason,

(Article 25 – II-g of Law no 4857)

49 – The employee’s insistence on not performing his/her duties, even though after being warned. (Article 25 – II-h of Law no 4857)      
50 – The employee endangers the safety of the work by willfully or through gross negligence, causes damages and losses to machinery, installations or other property and materials which are the property of the workplace or do not belong to the workplace but are in the possession, such an extent that cannot be compensated with employee’s thirty days’ wages. (Article 25 – IIof Law no 4857)      

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